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A solar battery is simply a battery with energy from solar panels. Solar batteries are a game changer in both residential and solar markets, revolutionizing the way people use energy. Solar batteries have a super high cycle life.

This means that Solar Batteries can support a higher number of complete charge/discharge cycles before their capacity falls under 80%. This means that solar batteries do not require frequent maintenance or replacement. After charging and discharging solar batteries thousands of times, they still remain highly functional.

In fact Solar Batteries are virtually maintenance- free, allowing owners to enjoy using the battery without worrying about permanent damage due to deep discharge.

Solar customers who have enjoyed the partial independence of producing their own energy during daylight hours have still been missing something; solar batteries and with it the ability to store energy during the day to use at night.Whether you are trying to go green or maintain the value of your Solar System, or set up reliable back-up power, Solar Batteries are the answer.

That is why Powerbank is here. We provide a full range of quality vented and sealed tubular Solar Batteries from reputable brands globally. The application ranges from commercial to domestic usage. The products have been used successfully in Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions among others. We offer you the best deals and quality batteries from major international suppliers. Contact us today for more information.

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